Call for partners to design and administer tests for recreational drone operators in the US

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued a Request for Information (RFI) for entities to administer a new aeronautical knowledge test for recreational drone operators. The law requires that flyers of recreational drones pass an aeronautical knowledge and safety test following the FAA Reauthorisation Act of 2018 when section 349 introduced new conditions to operate recreational small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). The test will demonstrate a recreational flyer’s understanding of aeronautical safety knowledge and rules for operating a UAS. Many drones can be flown today with minimal training or knowledge of aviation rules or safety practices. The FAA says the new statute is an opportunity to educate recreational flyers on UAS safety and to bring new flyers into the existing aviation safety culture.

The FAA is developing the test content and the training in consultation with stakeholders. The test must be administered electronically by the FAA, community-based organisations, or other persons designated by the FAA. The FAA’s objective is to work with third party entities to allow them to administer the knowledge training and test content on various platforms for the recreational flyer community.

The FAA is looking for entities who want to become testing designees, who will administer the training and testing to the widest audience possible, and who will develop a standard electronic record that will be issued to the potential operator upon completion of the test. The entity will provide the potential drone operator with documentation that they passed the test, which may be requested by the FAA or local law enforcement.

Interested parties have until 12 September 2019 to respond to the RFI.

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