BRINC introduces LiveOps, a unified drone operations platform for first responders

Technology company BRINC in the public safety sector has introduced LiveOps software platform, designed to enhance coordination, efficiency, and effectiveness in public safety drone operations. The platform is accessible on any modern browser says BRINC.

LiveOps integrates with BRINC’s hardware ecosystem including LEMUR 2, BRINC Ball and future drones to provide pilots, emergency response teams, crisis negotiation teams (CNT), special weapons and tactics (SWAT) units, patrol officers, search and rescue (SAR) teams, and command staff with a unified platform for managing crisis negotiations and drone operations.

Video can be live streamed directly from BRINC devices to LiveOps through an integrated cellular connection, granting each team member autonomy to tailor their feed. This provides an independent view, separate from the pilot’s, in dynamic situations. Operators can also view, filter, and slice LiDAR data from active LEMUR 2 drones. These maps update as the drone scans with LiDAR sensors and can be converted from 3D maps to 2D floor plans with the Slicer tool.

LiveOps facilitates two-way communications with external cell phones or BRINC devices, aiding de-escalation from anywhere in the world. Users can record calls, and access live AI-powered transcriptions to track negotiations and brief personnel. Additionally, internal messaging and live drone video streams during calls provide vital information to crisis negotiators and ground personnel.

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