Brazilian regulator approves wider range medical cargoes for drone transport

Speedbird Aero reports clearance from the Brazilian regulator Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (ANAC) to transport Category B Biological Substances. The development follows publication by ANAC of the approval of the Exemption from requirement E94.103(a) for the DLV-1 NEO and DLV-2 aircraft. Speedbird says it is the first company to manufacture and operate deliveries with non-crews from Brazil to have permission to transport Category B Biological Substances, that is, transport clinical and other materials and analyses. Speedbird aims to facilitate and expedite contaminant deliveries, including for example for Laboratories Pardini which makes up the Grupo Fleury, long-time partners of Speedbird Aero.

Speedbird is also working to obtain Company Operating Authorization (AFE) as a carrier,

Grupo Fleury Corporate Logistics Manager Cleber Souza Miranda said: “This project began in 2021 with a clear objective: to obtain authorization to transport biological materials. It took 3 years of continuous efforts in this search and we can consider it a great milestone for the Pardini group, now integrated into the Fleury group. Without a doubt, it will open doors to new possibilities that previously seemed distant, or even unattainable. Recalling our history a little, we started flying with empty boxes and sometimes just bottles of water, then we evolved and obtained authorization to transport Biological Materials under Exemption, and now we will have an idea that has come to life. Previously, flying only with Exempt Biological Materials such as hair, for example, was previously financially unfeasible due to the low volume of biological material available for transport.

“Today, with the release of Biological Materials Category B “UN3373” for flights, we will have a considerable volume to be transported and will allow us to expand transport through this mode, reducing costs and making the project financially viable and robust, in addition to allowing us to reach our mission which is “bringing quality healthcare to our customers wherever they are.”

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