AURA research partners demonstrate dynamic traffic management for three use cases

Research partners in the SESAR P34-W4 AURA project completed a validation exercise in Spain to demonstrate three different use cases for dynamic U-space services. The partners have conducted a number of simulations before proceeding with validation exercises for the following use cases:

?Use Case 1: Indra was able to validate the complete process of requesting both authorization and activation from U-space Service Provider (USSP) side. All status addressing uncrewed aerial systems (UAS) operations (revocation, rejection, approval and activation) could be successfully validated at this stage.

?Use Case 2: Partners were able to see how an emergency situation can be managed while a UAS mission is taking place. In this case, a Dynamic Reconfiguration had to be declared so to make the UAS leave immediately the area of operation. The result was to observe the appropriate alerts appeared for both air traffic management and U-space sides, and how the UAS then developed the appropriate contingency manoeuvre in order to be able to ensure the safety of both operations involved in the scenario.

?Use Case 7: In this last scenario, partners had the opportunity to see how the UAS involved deviated from its intended trajectory and automatically a conformance alert raised.

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