ARA Robotics and OneSky develop tactical flight coordination system for UAS test range in Canada

Over the last year, ARA Robotics has partnered with OneSky to deliver a remotely piloted aerial system (RPAS) test range solution for operations carried out at the Qualia Qualification Site. Qualia is one of the first Canadian training, development and prequalification test site for RPAS and it is part of Quebec’s Center for Excellence in Drones (CED) at ALMA. According to the press release:

The solution combines a UTM (Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management) tracking beacon designed to be mounted and to be compatible with a wide variety of RPAS and the OneSky UTM software solution that allows operators to plan, simulate and operate the drones. It also allows real-time flight monitoring and post-flight analysis for their drone flights.

OneSky’s planning tools enable test planners and flight test engineers to develop route plans for multiple vehicles simultaneously. The OneSky solution also provides connectivity between surveillance assets, such as the RTK GPS Beacon provided by ARA Robotics, and the suite of OneSky UTM and Operations capabilities. This functionality allows users to understand the airspace in 4D, delivering precise 3D positioning of aircraft while allowing for dynamic configuration of routing and flight paths in real time. Additionally, the OneSky system also replays the results of testing in a post-flight mode, offering stakeholders the opportunity for quicklook debriefs, test data analysis, evaluation and training.

This solution provides centimeter-level accurate real-time position tracking of RPAS. The UTM Tracking Beacon uses 4G/LTE or/and 2.4 Ghz radio frequency connectivity to communicate flight information to the OneSky UTM technology. In the end, ARA is proud to provide the industry with a solution that enables safe operation and tracking of RPAS within the Qualia Qualification Site.

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