DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations becomes latest member of Drone Logistics Ecosystem

DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations has joined Drone Logistics Ecosystem, the network of companies, universities, public/governments, and investors operating in the drone logistics industry.

DroneAcharya is part of the Indian drone ecosystem, contributing to the government’s initiative to transform the country into a global drone hub by 2030. The company strives to bring training innovative solutions, including different types of hardware and use cases for drone deliveries, including AirGo’s DroneBox drone supply container. DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations has partnered with one of DLE members TSAW Drones to test delivery drones in multiple industries.

“Drone Delivery, once perceived as a futuristic solution, is very much a reality today. From the delivery of vaccines and blood samples to become a vital source of hope during rescue missions, this technology has opened multiple doors for optimizing the Unmanned platform exponentially. Having worked in drone mapping and 3D modelling projects in the last few years, DroneAcharya is now testing all applications related to drone delivery with industrial leaders. Their objective is to mobilize businesses to actively use drones in planning, operations, and maintenance projects. “Becoming a part of the Drone Logistics Ecosystem (DLE) will enable DroneAcharya to collaborate with companies all over the world and have access to global technologies, partners, and talent. Being a staunch believer of collaborative and organic growth, DroneAcharya’s vision majorly overlaps with DLE’s way of functioning,” said Prateek Srivastava, Founder and CEO of DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations.

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