Amsterdam Drone Week: AirHub launches smart SORA tool for drone operators

Following several months’ testing, AirHub has launched the Online SORA tool aimed at drone operators. It is designed to support risk assessment for operations in the Specific Category and applications for a permit or waiver with national regulators.

Applying the Specific Operations Risk Analysis (SORA) can be challenging, AirHub’s smart online SORA Tool enables drone operators to quickly determine the Ground Risk Class (GRC) and Air Risk Class (ARC) for their mission and helps to define the applicable Specific Assurance and Integrity Level (SAIL). The algorithm provides operators with the right information at the right time and pro-actively navigates them through all steps in the SORA.

According to the AirHub press release, the Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA) was developed by JARUS to provide drone operators with a standardised methodology for the risk assessment required to apply for an authorisation to operate an Unmanned Aircraft System within the Specific Category.

AirHub noticed that operators and CAA’s were struggling with risk assessment and once they had gone through the SORA process, it did not provide them with a clear overview of requirements they had to fulfil to perform the intended drone operation. That is why AirHub have developed the smart online SORA Tool.

The Online SORA Tool lets drone operators quickly go through all steps of the SORA process:

  1. Description of the Concept of Operations (ConOps)
  2. Determination of the UAS intrinsic Ground Risk Class (GRC)
  3. Final Ground Risk Class determination (M1 to M3 mitigations)
  4. Determination of the initial Air Risk Class (ARC)
  5. Application of Strategic Mitigations to determine the intermediate ARC
  6. Application of Tactical Mitigations to determine the final ARC
  7. Determination of Adjacent Area / Airspace considerations
  8. Comprehensive Safety Portfolio considerations (privacy, security, insurance, etc.)
  9. Determination of Specific Assurance and Integrity Levels (SAIL)
  10. Identification of Operational Safety Objectives (OSO) and other requirements

The SORA Tool provides drone operators a custom report that contains all Operational Safety Objectives and additional requirements that are applicable to their drone operation and supports operators with fulfilling the requirements for their crew, operations manual, drone, services and equipment. Operators can attach supporting documentation and references and then easily apply for an operational authorisation or waiver at their CAA.

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