Altitude Angel widens UTM platform roll-out to landowners and estate managers

Unified Traffic Management (UTM) technology provider Altitude Angel is to widen the roll-out of its recently launched Approval Services platform to include property and large land estates. Described by Aviation Minister Baroness Vere as ‘a key step for UK aviation,’ the Approval Services platform will allow owners and managers of large areas of land and real-estate to grant access and give permission to drone operators wishing to use the land for take-off and landing purposes, says the press release.

Gaining access to private land is often difficult and time consuming for drone operators.  Having identified an area of land which is most advantageous for them to conduct their flight, drone operators are required to find out who manages the land to seek approval, a process which can take many hours, days, or even weeks.  Under the new platform, drone operators will be able to request access to land digitally via the Drone Assist app or via, where landowners and managers have signed up to the platform, and in some instances will be able to receive near- instant approval.

In May, Altitude Angel released several upgrades to Drone Assist which included a feature providing a direct connection to Altitude Angel’s UTM platform, offering ‘one-tap flight authorisations’ at connected airports and facilities worldwide.

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