InfiniDome plans live demo of GPS anti-jamming solutions tailored for UAV protection at DSEI 2023

InfiniDome plans a live demonstration if its anti-jamming solutions at DSEI, 12-14 September in London. InfiniDome’s solutions are tailored to defend UAVs and vehicles from GNSS jamming attacks.

According to the press release, the live demo taking place at infiniDome’s booth will enable visitors to participate in an immersive hands-on demonstration of infiniDome’s C-SWaP (Cost, Size, Weight and Power) optimized anti-jamming solutions. The attendees will be able to see infiniDome’s anti-jamming solutions protecting a GNSS receiver from jammers, using real (emulated) GNSS signals and real jamming signals, all in a Faraday cage suitcase developed by infiniDome.

Also at their stand, infiniDome will be showcasing its product line for resilient navigation specifically targeting unmanned aerial vehicles and ground vehicles used in real-world defence operations relying on navigation resiliency.

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