Altitude Angel partners with Sagar Defence for Indian BVLOS trials

UTM company Altitude Angel is partnering with Mumbai based Sagar Defence Engineering in BVLOS trials supported by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

According to a company press release:

“Together, Altitude Angel and Sagar Defence Engineering Ltd have been selected by India’s DGCA to carry out BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) drone operations. The results of the trials will be used to help define India’s regulatory framework for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) ready for routine UAV deployment. Altitude Angel’s GuardianUTM platform will enable BVLOS drone flights around a multitude of real-life scenarios including medical and cargo delivery, surveillance operations, survey & mapping, and search & rescue operations. The Union Government has recently begun the process of granting regulatory permissions to the operation of drones for commercial purposes.”

The BVLOS trials are scheduled to take place from August through to October 2020.

These BVLOS trials will further build on trials Altitude Angel has been involved in this year, having been the lead and ‘umbrella’ UTM for the Lake Kivu Challenge, part of the African Drone Forum, which took place on the shores of Lake Kivu, Rwanda in January.

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