Altitude Angel integrates SarStuff planning tool into GuardianUTM to streamline Search and Rescue operations

Unified Traffic Management (UTM) provider Altitude Angel is integrating the Search and Rescue (SAR)  flight planning tool SarStuff into its GuardianATM Cloud platform. SarStuff is a purpose-built planning and tasking tool predominantly used by SAR teams, now increasingly being utilised by police forces and fire departments, which are embracing drones in their life-saving operations.

According to the Altitude Angel press release, will be incorporating Altitude Angel will incorporate SarStuff into the planning module of the GuardianUTM Cloud platform to provide accurate, up-to-date airspace data and negate the need to use third party mobile apps to carryout airspace checks.

Previously, SarStuff’s planning managers had assigned tasks for drone operators in locations which, on occasion, were not suitable for a UAV operation to take place because of airspace restrictions in place.  This was due to the planning manager not having a clear understanding of the airspace restrictions in place over a particular area at certain times. With Altitude Angel’s GuardianUTM Cloud platform, the planning managers, who are not UAV/aviation specialists, will be able to confidently assign drone teams to operations where it will be safe to operate. The drone pilots also have access to the system to help manage their search tasks relaying up-to-date information at the click of a button.

On GuardianUTM Cloud being integrated in to the SarStuff platform, Jack Drinkwater, Altitude Angel, Business Development Manager, said: “Search and rescue services have time and time again proved the value of using drones in their operations and in doing so have saved countless lives. I’m extremely proud to see Altitude Angel’s GuardianUTM Cloud integrated with the SarStuff platform to make SAR operations faster and safer and as a result, help save more lives.”

Mike Desmond, SarStuff, CEO, added: “In SAR operations, seconds can mean the difference between life and death.  Having the best airspace data from Altitude Angel at our operators’ fingertips will allow us to plan and begin executing flights quicker and safer than ever before.  This partnership will undoubtedly help save more lives.”

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