DroneUP LLC seeks modelling and simulation engineer

DroneUp is seeking a highly motivated Modeling and Simulation Engineer to be the Airspace Innovation Modeling and Simulation specialist.  The engineer will work in a collaborative team environment to develop models and simulations for the DroneUp Airspace Innovation department.  Specifics include Airspace Characterization and Low-Altitude Encounter Modeling using open-source software and data.  One aspect of this position is to implement the MIT-LL open-source software and data which model both airspace density characterization and the low-altitude encounter models to support the validation and verification of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Detect and Avoid (DAA) performance requirements.

The individual who fills this position will have the opportunity to support senior engineers during integration testing and flight testing.  For example, the airspace encounter models were used to develop an international standard that provides requirements for DAA systems designed to mitigate the risk of drones colliding with manned aircraft (https://www.astm.org/Standards/F3442.htm).  Flight testing will be accomplished to show that DroneUp’s solution is compliant with this standard.


  • Create a DroneUp-specific standalone instantiation of the MIT-LL airspace density characterization and the low-altitude encounter models
  • Write Matlab scripts to conduct various risk analyses of DroneUp hubs
  • Provide top-level training to other DroneUp personnel on how to use/modify the scripts for new locations
  • Network and protocol modeling of wireless multi-domain (aerial/ground) networks
  • Develop new models and leverage existing models to conduct analyses, derive results, and form actionable data-driven recommendations for both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Adhere to and provide recommendations for modeling tools, approaches, and best practices to be adopted across the department.
  • Develop, test, and integrate subsystem software in a Model Based Engineering System (MATLAB/Simulink) and continue development of the requirements and models for DAA solutions
  • Apply an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach to plan, design, develop, and verify basic system of systems and system solutions
  • Evaluate customer/operational needs to define system performance requirements, integrate technical parameters, and assure compatibility of all physical, functional, and program interfaces
  • Perform analyses to optimize total system architecture
  • Verify system design in a laboratory environment and support fight test
  • Travel to sites to perform work as required
  • Other duties as assigned

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