VPN service provider Surfshark develops global map of drone privacy laws

VPN service provider Surfshark reports it has collected data on drone privacy laws around the world to support establishing an international regulatory framework for drone legislation.

“Surfshark collated drone legislation for 210 countries from sources inc UAV Coach, RAND Corporation, UAV Systems International, and the Library of Congress, among others. Drone laws around the world range from outright bans of the technology to relatively unrestricted flight, but most legislation focuses on how the drone is being operated and does not address nuances related to privacy. Surfshark aims to support the effort to establish an international regulatory framework for drone legislation. With this study, the team wants to bring transparency and clarity to an issue that is important to anyone who is concerned about their privacy (offline or online) in 2020 and beyond.

“The team found that drone regulation in each country fell into one of seven categories:

  • Outright ban
  • Effective ban
  • Restrictions apply (such as drone registration or licensing, additional observers required, no commercial usage etc)
  • Visual line of sight required
  • Experimental visual line of sight (experiments where drones fly beyond the line of sight are allowed)
  • Unrestricted (when flying away from private property and airports, under 500 ft/150metres height and with drones weighing less than 250g)
  • No drone-related legislation

Surfshark then assigned each country a category status based on its legislation as of October 2020.

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