Norway reports rise in drone flights, not all compliant with regulations

Norway’s air navigation service provider Avinor has started reporting drone flights along with traditional passenger and other flight numbers. The results show steady industry growth, with 2023 results already ahead of the total in 2022.

July: 166% increase compared to July 2022
2023: 120% increase so far compared to 2022

According to Avinor:

In July, 1,103 drone flights were registered in Ninox Drone, Avinor’s system for handling drones. This is an increase of a whopping 164 per cent compared to July 2022.

– July is a month when many people have holidays, but we still see a strong growth in the use of drones, says Axel Knutsen, head of Avinor’s drone programme.

So far this year, the increase is 120 per cent compared to last year.

– With that, we will already pass in July 2023 the total number of flights in 2022.

– Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not know the rules for drone flying. This means that some flights are illegal, and can be a great danger to others in the airspace. We encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with the regulations before flying. We refer to how the rules come out clearly, says Knutsen.

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