FAA to pushback Remote ID deadline says aviation safety associate administrator

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) associate administrator for aviation safety David Boulter told delegates attending Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas that the deadline for commercial drones to be equipped with Remote ID systems is likely be pushed back, according to a report published by Inside Unmanned Systems. “You’re going to get relief, it’s just a matter of what that relief looks like,” David Boulter is reported to have said.

According to Inside Unmanned Systems, “The announcement will come soon, before the previous Sept. 16 deadline, which many in the industry said would be impossible for them to meet. Remote ID is intended to allow government or law enforcement to be able to tell who owns and operators a drone, but for many that means a hardware upgrade. Boulter acknowledged the push for Remote ID has run into supply chain problems, especially as the FAA had recently required traditional aviation pilots to update their radar altimeters.

“This is a supply chain issue,” he said. “There are only so many chips in the world.” The news should come in the next few days, he said. “There will be relief, and it will be before the 16th. It’s somewhere in the gauntlet,” and will involve other government agencies beyond the FAA. The FAA had previously indicated it might not pursue any enforcement action of the deadline until Dec. 16 at the earliest, and it’s unclear if that will slip as well,” according to Inside Unmanned Systems.

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