EUROCAE seeks industry participation in SORA working group

European standards agency EUROCAE has launched a call for participation to inform interested parties about activities undertaken by WG-105 SG-6 SORA. Safety Operations Risk Assessment (SORA) is a novel approach on how to safely create, evaluate and conduct an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) operation.

One of the main objective of the working group is the development of guidelines for a UAS manufacturer in order to obtain the evidences that the UAS is designed to be  operated within an acceptable flight envelope margin (automatic protection) even in the case of incorrect remote-pilot control input (human error) to fulfil OSO#18 requirements, as part of the SORA risk assessment (as defined in AMC&GM to Part-UAS published by EASA) under the Specific category of the new EASA drone regulation.

In the last months, a first preliminary version of the standard has been developed, and it can be consulted on EUROCAE WG-105 Workspace.

However, this first draft has been developed by a small number of people, and Eurocae would like to enrich it with inputs from UAS community. Eurocae thinks that these guidelines could be beneficial for the European UAS industry, creating an easy way to understand how to incorporate clear criterion to fulfil OSO#18.

Eurocae invites inputs and experience from participants to contribute to development of a future guideline document for the Specific category, eliminating the current problems associated to the interpretation of the SORA OSOs and also reducing the possible different evaluation criterion among European NAAs.

For information please contact Sergiu Marzac at


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