Eurocae seeks document project editor for WG-105 standards to enable safe integration of UAS

European standards agency Eurocae has launched a call for a document project editor to lead an activity undertaken by Working Group 105 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). A standard was approved to be developed in Sub Group 3 UTM/U-space with the title ‘Minimum Operational Performance Standard for U-space Geo-awareness Service’, for which an activity lead/Document Project Editor is required.

This task is an update of an existing standard document, namely ED-269 ‘Minimum Operational Performance Standard for UAS Geo-Fencing’. The latest draft U-space regulation states in Article 3(4): “For each U-space airspace, based on the airspace risk assessment referred to in paragraph 1 and using the criteria set out in Annex I, Member States shall determine: (a) the UAS capabilities and performance requirements; (b) the U-space services performance requirements; (c) the applicable operational conditions and airspace constraints.”

No standard currently exists to address how to express the characteristics expressed in Article 3(4). ED-269 Chapter 8 has been recognised by EASA as AMC to Article 11 of 2019/947 regulation on geographical zones. It will be extended through this task to standardise the characteristics expressed in Article 3(4) and Article 5.

WG-105 is tasked to develop the necessary standards to enable safe integration of UAS, or RPAS when controlled and monitored from a Remote Pilot Station (RPS), into all classes of airspace, with due consideration of the emerging European regulatory proportionate risk-based approach, of the related categories of operations (Open, Specific and Certified) and of the industry requirements. WG-105 is also tasked, in cooperation with the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), to develop proposals for future activities (to be reflected in the Technical Work Programme (TWP)).

To lead this activity, expertise is required from the UAS industry. Companies aiming to process Geographical Zones and U-Space data, end-users of Geographical Zones and U-Space data, as well as providers of these data sets are encouraged to apply.

Registration form available here

Application deadline 31 August 2022

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