EASA publishes ADS-L technical specification for SRD860 frequency band to support e-Conspicuity in U-space

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has published the technical specification Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Light (ADS-L) over the SRD860 frequency band. It is intended for manufacturers interested in developing ADS-L compliant e-Conspicuity devices and systems, a basic building block in the development of U-space in Europe.

The technical specification aims to support the development of affordable e-conspicuity devices to equip manned aircraft transiting in U-space designated in uncontrolled airspace. Such devices are required ((EU)2021/666) to ensure safety, in making the manned aircraft transiting in the U-space visible to the UAS operators; who will have the responsibility to maintain a certain level of spacing between their UAS and manned traffic.

The specification sets out acceptable methods, techniques and practices for carrying out ADS-L transmissions over the SRD860 frequency band as permitted pursuant to AMC1 SERA 6005C Point (a)(3).

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