US Army seeks suppliers of Titan and Dronebuster C-UAS systems for export to foreign partners

The United States Army Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM), Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, anticipates a requirement to provide Titan™ Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) in support of foreign partners.

According to a request published on the US government tender portal

“The contractor shall be capable of delivering at least three (3) Titan™ C-UAS systems to ensure mitigation of control, video, and navigation signals. Each system requires:

  • Two (2) main Titan units with fitted cases
  • One (1) User Guide
  • Four (4) Smart Cards (2 primary, 2 spare)
  • One (1) 2590/5590 Battery Power Cable
  • One (1) 8-foot LAN cable
  • One (1) 50-foot LAN cable
  • One (1) GETAC user-interface tablet with AC adapter cord
  • One (1) Standard Frequency Antenna – 2.4/5.8GHz receive/transmit
  • One (1) Standard Frequency Antenna – GPS
  • One (1) Standard Frequency Antenna – WiFi
  • One (1) Extended Frequency Antenna Kit (433/868/95 MHz, 1.2GHZ receive/transmit antenna) with fitted case.
  • One (1) main unit power supply

“The overall requirement includes software and machine learning upgrades, customer support and training, and a hardware warranty. On-site Operator Training with Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM), and spare parts are also required.”

AMCOM Redstone Arsenal has also issued a requirement to provide Dronebuster® Block 3/B, Block 4, and/or Block 4Fixed Site (FS), Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) equipment.

“The contractor shall be capable of delivering 20 each C-UAS systems (Dronebuster®) used to defeat Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) drones. Each Dronebuster® Kit shall include:

One (1) Dronebuster® (Block 3B, Block 4, or Block 4FS) and the following items appropriate for the Dronebuster® version ordered:

  • One (1) Combat Sling
  • One (1) Battery Charger, Li-Ion
  • Two (2) Batteries, Li-Ion, 7.2VDC
  • One (1) User’s Manual
  • One (1) Quick Reference Card
  • One (1) Shipping Case

“Additional User Manuals and Quick Reference Cards may be required based on quantity of Dronebuster® Kits purchased.”

Deadline for responses to both requirement is April 5.

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