NATS to reveal blueprint for integrated airspace at CANSO Airspace World

UK national air traffic services providers NATS plans to showcase its vision for “a truly integrated airspace” at CANSO Airspace World in Geneva on 19 – 21 March.

Part of an industry collaboration, NATS will demonstrate how Advanced Air Mobility and BVLOS drone operators can be safely and seamlessly integrated into a busy airport environment. The new concept of operations will illustrate how drone and eVTOL operators can digitally submit flight plans, how they can be seamlessly approved or amended by an air navigation service provider (ANSP), and how digital tower technology can then allow controllers to safely track and monitor every flight within their operation, says the press release. The collaboration aims to enable scalable operations for new airspace users.

NATS already participates in several collaborative activities directed towards improved airspace efficiency and transformative technology. NATS and Leidos will share the latest developments with their arrivals spacing tool, Intelligent Approach already deployed at Heathrow and Toronto Pearson. NATS and Searidge Technologies will demonstrate digital tower technology, Artificial Intelligence and airport integration deliverable on a single technology platform.

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