US Army seeks IM-SHORAD C-UAS/air defence systems manufacturer

The US Government has issued a sources sought (SS) notice/request for information (RFI) to determine if there are sources with the interest and ability to deliver one hundred and forty-four (144) IM-SHORAD systems with deliveries beginning in fiscal year (FY) 2020 and final deliveries in (FY) 2024, and the associated support outlined in this notice.

The Government invited industry to participate via a bailment agreement in live-fire demonstrations in September 2017 through Sources Sought Announcement Number W31P4Q-17-R-0102. The U.S. Government developed a Directed Requirement following the M-SHORAD live-fire demonstrations. To meet the Directed Requirement, the U.S. Government awarded three Ordnance Technology Initiative (OTI) Agreements (DOTC-19-01-INIT0646: IM-SHORAD Platform Integration; DOTC-19-01-INIT0244: IM-SHORAD Mission Equipment Package; and DOTC 19-01-INIT-0196: IM-SHORAD Stinger Vehicle Universal Launcher) in September 2018. The three OTI Agreements were awarded under Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) W15QKN-18-9-1008 through the Department of Defense Ordnance Technology Consortium (DOTC) Annual Technology Plan – FY19. The OTI Agreements were for the development and testing of the IM-SHORAD prototype.

The IM-SHORAD system provides 360 degree air defense protection of the Stryker and Armor Brigade Combat Teams (BCT) throughout the range of military operations. It provides a capability to fill the lack of air defense in current maneuver formations against air threats encountered to include: Rotary Wing (RW), Fixed Wing (FW) and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) (Group 3). The IM-SHORAD applies an open mission command architecture approach integrating the Sentinel Radar, Forward Area Air Defense – Command and Control (FAAD-C2), a Stinger Vehicle Universal Launcher (SVUL), M299 Launcher, and Line of Sight radios on the Stryker A1 vehicle platform. The system interoperates with the fielded Air Defense Interrogator (ADI) and Blue Force Tracker (BFT) systems.

There is a potential for the IM-SHORAD program to become a candidate program within the Defense Exportability Features (DEF) initiative. The IM-SHORAD DEF initiative will assess the feasibility of incorporating technology protection with respect to export variants(s) and estimate the return on DEF investment. The DEF effort requires a 50% cost share by the contractor.

Solicitation Number: W31P4Q-19-R-0002

Deadline for responses: 26 February, 2019

Responsible organisation: US Army Contracting Command

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