UK’s justice department funds counter-drone prison protection research

The UK’s Ministry of Justice (MOJ) will invest up to UKP950,000 in Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) innovation projects to address the challenges caused by the presence of drugs, drones and mobile phones in prison environments.

The aim of this competition is to develop novel detection techniques to identify these and other contraband items.

Included in the list of requirements is the detection and identification of drones and the capture or safe destruction of drones. The solutions must be:

  • robust enough to withstand the prison environment
  • able to be applied widely across the UK’s prison estates
  • commercially exploitable

This competition will have two phases. In phase one companies should explain new concepts and how they will be proved. If successful the company will be invited to apply for phase two and develop a working prototype.

Phase one projects can have total costs of up to UKP50,000 and must last between four and six months.

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