WhiteFox Defense reveals Scorpion 3 lightweight hand-held drone detection solution

California-based WhiteFox Defense Technologies announced the release of Scorpion 3 on 29 November.

A lightweight, man-portable drone detection solution that has been extensively tested – including, apparently, being put through its paces in Ukraine – Scorpion 3 is designed for security forces, offering efficient, reliable situational awareness in almost any dynamic environment. “It not only provides robust protection from unauthorized drones but does so in a manner that is simple to use, cost-effective, and remarkably portable,” said company CEO, Luke Fox. “We’re committed to securing the skies, and Scorpion 3 is a testament to that dedication”.

With an intuitive user interface and an array of specialised features, Scorpion 3 creates a protective dome around the operator, promptly detecting, identifying, locating and tracking intrusive drones. ensures comprehensive airspace awareness and security. “Scorpion 3’s capability to swiftly and accurately detect unauthorized drones in any environment is a critical advancement in airspace security,” said Manu Srivastava, Chief Revenue Officer. “By introducing this innovative solution, we provide our customers with the most powerful and adaptable tool for safeguarding their operations.”

For further information: www.whitefoxdefense.com

(Image: Scorpion 3 provides hand-held drone detection and situational awareness capabilities that can be fully integrated with the company’s mitigation solutions. Credit: WhiteFox Defense Technologies)


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