Hensoldt and Rafael co-developing jamming system specifically to protect naval vessels

With electronic warfare (EW) means accounting for most Ukrainian drone losses currently (see our article here), Hensoldt and Rafael Advanced Defence Systems have announced their collaboration in the development of an electronic countermeasures (ECM) system specifically intended to protect naval vessels.

Based on Rafael’s Digital Shark ECM system and C-GEM decoy system, the solution will incorporate aspects of Hensoldt’s fully digital Kalaetron Attack jamming system, providing operators with the capability to jam a wide range of radar-guided airborne threats – including those potentially launched from hostile drones. Combining cognitive elements of artificial intelligence with a digital broadband sensor and an electronically controllable jammer, the system will allow threats to be rapidly detected and accurately targeted.

For more information: www.hensoldt.net

(Image: A C-GEM decoy missile being launched. Credit: Rafael)

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