US government customer awards Citadel Defense USD4 million contract for Titan C-UAS

Counter drone company Citadel Defense reports new contract awards worth USD4 million from an undisclosed US government customer for the company’s Titan technology to provide radio frequency sensors for both standalone and highly integrated layered defense solutions. The Titan systems will be utilized for pre-deployment training, mobile security, and fixed site protection.

According to a company press release, Titan uses an automated decision engine to match threats with optimized electronic countermeasures without requiring an operator’s manual response, interpretation of the threat scenario, or expertise in discriminating complex signal characteristics. With four years’ AI performance and maturation, Citadel technology is designed to deliver smart, fast decisions while responsibly taking operators out of the loop.

“Citadel’s advanced algorithms, artificial intelligence, and autonomous capabilities serve as a force multiplier when protecting against unmanned system threats in resource-constrained environments,” explained Christopher Williams, CEO of Citadel Defense. “Artificial intelligence is highly effective in electronic attack missions. Getting the right data and recommendation to operators quickly enables the human-machine teaming that will be necessary to compete in future conflicts.”

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