US Army tests electro-optical scope designed to target small drones

The US military newspaper Stars And Stripes reports US soldiers are field testing an electro-optical device designed to target small drones. The SMASH 2000 sighting system is a rifle-mounted scope developed by Israeli manufacturer Smart Shooter. The newspaper reports special operators at the al-Tanf base in southern Syria using the device to fire on range targets and also at a box in the air suspended below a small drone.

The small arms fire control system is designed to allow the shooter to select a target and lock on while pressing the trigger. The electro-optical system, which includes image recognition software, blocks the action until the firing solution can guarantee a hit, when it automatically activates the trigger. It can be used in daylight and at night.

Smart Shooter has paired with German firearms maker Sig Sauer to offer the system to the US and other militaries. The system is designed to enable firearms including machine guns and assault rifles to be used to destroy flying drones.

The SMASH system is already in use in the Israeli armed forces, has been tested previously stateside by the US military. The newspaper says this appears to be the first time US soldiers overseas were pictured using it.

(Image: Defense Visual Information Distribution Service photo, Stars And Stripes)

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