US Air Force deploys Easy Aerial airborne detection system at Travis Air Force Base

The US Air Force (USAF) has declared initial operational capability of Easy Aerial’s autonomous aerial drone-in-a-box monitoring solution following nine months test and evaluation at Travis Air Force Base. The deployment is part of the US Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II research and development activity. The Smart Air Force Monitoring System (SAFMS) and tethered version (SAFMS-T) were the result of a joint development collaboration between Easy Aerial and USAF, developed in response to Air Force base perimeter security and situational awareness operational requirements.

Easy Aerial’s Smart Aerial Monitoring System (SAMS) is designed to provide constant and on-demand monitoring of multi-purpose drones without the need of human intervention. The solution comprises three elements:

Falcon Drone: lightweight, durable drone with various payloads and 45 minutes flight time

Easy Guard: Mobile ground stations that charges the Falcon drone and provides weather protection

East RMS: Proprietary fleet manager and communication software to support scheduled and on-demand missions, live HD and thermal video and monitoring data.

MSgt Joshua Hicks, Travis AFB 60th SFS sUAS instructor said. “This jointly developed technology will provide unparalleled security and safety for our airmen and critical assets. They will potentially save lives and will save time, effort, and resources as we continue to expand our training and operations across the base.

“Upon receiving a security trigger such as a fence alarm, fire alarm, or other distress calls, the SAFMS can be programmed to deploy from its base station automatically and autonomously navigates to the trigger site location providing complete unparalleled situational awareness. Upon completing the mission, the drone autonomously returns to and lands inside the protective base station, where it will recharge and wait for the next scheduled patrol or security triggered mission. “

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