Ukraine shows how its drone hunter units “achieve 80% success rate”

Euronews and other media outlets have produced  video reports of Ukraine’s anti-drone units.

According to the news source:

“Defending forces are using rapid reaction teams in off-road vehicles complete with machine guns mounted on the back and shoulder-fired missiles to eliminate their targets. In groups of four, these soldiers are on a tight schedule, typically they have just 15 minutes’ notice before drones head their way.

“The machine guns and stinger missiles used are supplied by Western allies. A local businessman found the trucks abroad and provided the funding to fix them up and make them battle ready….Over time, the teams have built up intelligence on the usual flight paths of the drones and have found strategic parking spots that give them the best view of the sky.”

“Lieutenant General Serhii Nayev, Commander of the Joint Forces said the teams currently have an 80 per cent success rate for shooting down the Iran-supplied aircraft.

“During the last wave of drone attacks on Kyiv, this particular type of machine gun took them down,” said Nayev at the media event.”

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(Image: Shutterstock: A drone-hunter unit of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in position near Ukraine’s northern border, February 2023)

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