Thales previews EagleShield suite integrated C-UAS solution for nano, micro, mini and small drones

Thales is building interest in the launch of its EagleShield suite – which it describes as “an integrated nano, micro, mini and small drone countermeasures solution to protect and secure civil and military sites” – in February.

Aimed at confronting and countering the growing threat of micro and mini UAS, which is increasing in complexity and sophistication, the Thales solution seeks to provide a modular, graduated, context-sensitive response to the threat of unmanned systems flying in the airspace. It provides an adequate, agile answer to dangerous and malicious drone threats;  is an open, integrated system offering an enhanced, unified drone situational awareness based on an effective multi-sensor ecosystem; and allows for detection, identification, classification and neutralisation of unfriendly drones. It is compliant with rigorous operational and regulatory constraints in both military and civilian environments, as well as with national and international laws and regulations.

EagleShield is built around a digital C-UAS C2 post. The solution is scalable in terms of sensors, effectors and connection to other systems performing sensor fusion, RF direction finders and night and day cameras. It offers response options, including soft kill and/or hard kill as the situation demands. Furthermore, it is fully scalable and open to integration with a wide variety of sensors and effectors.

For more information (video): EagleShield – CUAS for airports (

Image: EagleShield should prove to be a flexible, potent and modular system for C-UAS operators. Credit: Thales)

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