DroneShield launches Expeditionary Fixed Site (EFS) kit for DroneSentry-X Mk2 multi-mission C-UAS system

DroneShield announced the release of an Expeditionary Fixed-Site (EFS) Kit for its DroneSentry-X Mk2 multi-mission C-UAS system on 30 January.

The kit enables rapid deployment of the DroneSentry-X Mk2, which debuted at AUSA 2023, across a wide range of operations, setting a new standard for ease of use among tactical end users, according to the company. Key features include:

  • AI-Powered Threat Detection: accurate detection and identification of multi-domain UxS threats, providing operators with crucial intelligence in real-time;
  • Flexible deployment: The EFS kit ensures system agility for fixed-site or semi-permanent wide area operations. Designed for intuitive deployment in light of operator feedback, it is easy to set up and accommodates a range of scenarios, including mobile or on-the-move, at the halt, reconnaissance, force protection and base defence operations;
  • Tool-less mount and installation: Allows for swift deployment and rapid disassembly in under ten minutes without the need for specialised training;
  • Portable battery solution: Ensures uninterrupted operation in remote or temporary settings, enhancing mobility, increasing deployment options and reducing dependency on fixed power sources.

Operator benefits include:

  • Real-time threat intelligence: The integration of AI ensures receipt of real-time intelligence, enabling rapid decision-making and response;
  • Adaptability to wide-area operations: An integrated sensor and effector solution for wide-area operations, allowing easy deployment in multiple environments;
  • Efficient, flexible deployment: A streamlined deployment process minimises downtime and maximises system availability for mission-critical tasks.

“The DroneSentry-X EFS Kit addresses a huge gap for operators – combining an adaptable counter-UxS capability with user-friendly features,” said Matt McCrann, CEO of DroneShield US.

For more information: www.droneshield.com/products/dronesentry-x-mk2

(Image: DroneSentry-X Mk2 EFS kit deployed. Credit: DroneShield)


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