EDGE Group announces major UAE MoD C-UAS award at UMEX

During the Unmanned Systems Exhibition and Conference (UMEX) 2024 in Abu Dhabi last week, EDGE Group announced a contract to deliver an unspecified number of “robust, multi-layered [C-UAS] systems to the UAE MoD. Neither the value of the order nor the delivery schedule has yet been revealed.

The contract includes the Skyshield C-UAS system, developed by the group’s EW specialist company, Signal, as well as the Navcontrol-G systems, which together provide heightened situational awareness and soft-kill capabilities against drone threats. Skyshield is destined to play a pivotal role in future counter-drone operations in the Gulf nation.

Unveiled at IDEX 2023, Skyshield comprises 3D radars, EO-sensors, direction finders and effectors networked into the UAE’s unified C2 system, providing automatic detection of drone threats and cueing engagement mechanisms. Highly modular in design, it can be configured for fixed installation to safeguard critical infrastructure, or as a rapidly-deployable solution for a broad range vehicles or vessels. Featuring automated 360° detect and defeat capabilities for anti-drone protection, the comprehensive system is aimed at the military, law enforcement, security, and VIP protection markets.

For more information: EDGE Awarded Contract to Deliver Comprehensive Counter-UAS Solution to UAE Ministry of Defence (edgegroup.ae)

(Image: Prior to being unveiled at IDEX in February 2023, Skyshield underwent rigorous testing to ensure its functionality in the demanding environmental conditions of the UAE. Credit: EDGE Group)

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