TCI International and Enterprise Control Systems (ECS) to launch C-UAS products at AOC International Symposium

ECS and TCI have partnered to offer a new range of RF drone detection, location and countermeasure capabilities. The companies will launch the products at the 2021 Association of Old Crows (AOC) International Symposium in Washington Convention Center, USA. New products include:

BlackTALONTM. “The new platform provides RF-only drone detection, location and defeat capabilities, or the addition of radar and electro-optical sensors for more robust detection, tracking and target identification. In addition, any existing Blackbird COMINT system can be upgraded to perform full drone RF detection, location, identification, tracking and defeat.”

Independent Claw. This is “a self-contained directional inhibitor system that combines an RF transmitter with a high-gain, multi-band directional antenna system. Claw RF Inhibitor’s sensor-agnostic, modular design means it could not be easier for an integrator looking for an RF defeat solution to harmonize seamlessly with third-party, multisensory C2 drone detection and kinetic systems, to provide world-class RF inhibition capability for C-UAS.”

BlackSWIFTTM: Next Generation Tactical COMINT Hardware Platform. Designed to operate the Blackbird COMINT and drone detection and geolocation software, the platform provides faster scan rates, broader instantaneous bandwidths, programmable DDCs and man-portable IP67 and rack-mount configurations.

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(Image: TCI)

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