Russian defence company “starts tests on space-based drone tracking”

Russia’s Fort Russ news agency reports that Russian defence company RTI Systems, which specializes in research in the area of ​​radiolocation and telecommunications, has begun tests on a space-based drone tracking system.

“The Radiotechnology Institute AL Mints, a member of the RTI group of companies, is developing technologies for the creation of radar complexes, intended for space radar observation systems of the Earth’s surface and near-Earth space, which detection of targets flying at low altitude,” the press service said.“In 2018, flight tests of aircraft radar systems for remote sensing of the Earth were successfully conducted ,” the statement added.

According to the news service the company specified that innovative methods of detecting moving objects and super-resolution algorithms were implemented during area scanning.

“The new technical capabilities create new markets for remote sensing services. The unique hardware, software and algorithmic solutions applied by RTI scientists at the radar complex… will enable us to solve completely new problems for our customers,” said Maksim Kuzyuk, director-general of the holding company.

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