Rheinmetall anti-drone solution provides candidate protection system in Qatar

Qatar is proposing to use the anti-drone solution being developed by Rheinmetall Barzan Advanced Technologies (RBAT) at the upcoming World Cup. RBAT is a joint venture between Qatar’s Barzan Holdings and German technology firm Rheinmetall.

According to a report by The Peninsula, the anti-drone system integrates and deploys sensor and effector technologies from third party vendors, and combines them within a Qatari command and control software (Qatari C2). The Qatari C2, another RBAT technology which features AI-based algorithms, can also be used for Qatar’s unmanned ground vehicles and persistent surveillance.

Speaking to The Peninsula on the sidelines of the opening of Milipol Qatar 2021, RBAT’s Business Development Director Miles Lalor, said the company has already undertaken a number of proof of concept demonstrations and deployments for the Qatari anti-drone solution, particularly during National Day celebration and the recent sporting events in Qatar.

‘We see that the anti-drone market is moving at an incredible pace, both in terms of the technologies and the threats being faced. And what we’re able to do is make sure that Qatar is always at the leading edge of technology to be able to counter those threats for the future.”

He added that the company will announce new partners for the anti-drone system soon. He went on to highlight the future between drones and anti-drone systems. Lalor said that while drones offer very promising capabilities, they still need to coexist with security requirements.

‘I think we will see a system which is able to provide wide area coverage. You will see friendly drones emitting signals to say they’re permitted within various areas, and you will also see counter measures for those drones that stray out of those permitted areas and threaten various venues or piece of critical infrastructure protection. We need to find a way of being able to coexist, and that is something that RBAT actively wants to be a part of and hopes to be able to deliver, Lalor added.

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