Port of Amsterdam trials Martek drone detection system

GPS World reports that the Port of Amsterdam has begun a four-week trial of a drone detection system. Martek Anti-Drone Systems is providing its M.A.D.S. (Marine Anti-Drone System) to build understanding of how, where and why drones are flying over the Port of Amsterdam.

“The M.A.D.S system will support the port by monitoring legal and illegal flying across its land,” said the news report. “The system detects and identifies drones within a 5-kilometer range, providing GPS positioning of both drone and pilot together with the drone’s speed and heading. Configurable and escalating stage alarms in real time allow the drones’ intentions to be assessed in time to decide on appropriate defence actions.The data collected from the trial will have far-reaching influence on the future use of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) across the 650-hectare port area, according to Martek.”

According to the port’s project manager of innovation Joost Zuidema“this trial is an important part of our innovation strategy,” Zuidema said. “The M.A.D.S system gives us a first opportunity to get a feeling for the technology that will help us understand drone usage and make a first assessment on unwanted drone flights in a part of our port.”

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