Norway selects Chess Dynamics MMP for OTAS programme

The Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency (NDMA) has selected Chess Dynamics to provide a highly accurate vehicle-mounted surveillance system for the Observation Targeting and Surveillance Systems (OTAS) programme.

Deployed from the CV90 combat vehicle, the mast-mounted surveillance system provides high accuracy battlefield data to operators, including:

  • Timely, accurate targeting data
  • Persistent surveillance
  • Wide-area situational awareness
  • Radar detection and tracking

Chess developed the Hawkeye Multiple Mission Pod (MMP) to meet NDMA’s requirements, comprising a thermal imaging camera, a high-powered daylight camera, a laser rangefinder and a laser pointer. When combined with the company’s geo-data algorithms, the system achieves a Category 1 Target Location Error (TLE) rating – an extremely high standard of accuracy that enables the MMP to observe, target and understand the battlespace out to a range in excess of 20 kilometres. Integrated into a battlefield information systems or Chess’ own combat management system, the solution offers highly effective AI target classification and tracking capabilities as well as superior situational awareness.

The system is integrated into a wide area Battlefield Information System (BIS) or, in the absence of a BIS, into a local Combat Management System (CMS) developed by Chess. Combined with Chess’ cutting-edge AI target classification and tracking tools, the system provides the end user with un-paralleled situational awareness. Its electromagnetic compatibility has been tested and verified and environmental testing has proven its ability to operate in temperatures between -30 to +40°C.

The system can also be integrated to the Chess Modular Integrated Pod Systems (MIPS) for use on a variety of flatbed vehicles, allowing for both mounted and dismounted operations at need. Hawkeye MMP is part of a family of products that include a target designation pod and a jammer pod that provide a C-UAS capability.

Rupert Grinling, Land Sales Manager at Chess, comments: “As battlefields become more complex and adversaries take advantage of ever more advanced technologies, persistent surveillance is becoming increasingly important,” said Land Sales Manager, Rupert Grinling. “Our Hawkeye MMP delivers the highest fidelity surveillance and targeting accuracy levels with the added flexibility of operating from a vehicle”.

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(Image: Norway has selected the MMP to be integrated on CV90 combat vehicles for battlefield surveillance and combat missions. Credit: Chess Dynamics)


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