Ukraine develops “invisibility cloak” to protect troops from hostile thermal-imaging drones”

Reports from Ukrainian media circulating in early October reveal the development of a so-called ‘invisibility cloak’ that will. It is claimed, protect Ukrainian troops from Russian thermal imaging equipment, including that carried by reconnaissance drones. This again highlights the issue of passive UAS countermeasures, a subject often passed over but one that Unmanned Airspace continues to pursue, with a report planned for early 2024.

Developed under the auspices of the Brave1 collaboration platform, the 2.5kg cloak is compact, light, flameproof, waterproof and resistant to high and low ambient temperatures. Early production examples have already been successfully tested under operational conditions.

“The cloak blocks the radiation of heat and makes […] fighters invisible to the enemy [for example] to snipers or special operations forces,” said Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister for Innovation and Minister for Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov. “The invisibility cloak is just one of the developments that will help save the lives of our soldiers at the front. We need even more”.

For more information: Brave1 is a cluster to support Defense Tech developments in Ukraine

(Image: Ukraine has developed a 2.5kg combat cloak that masks individuals from thermal imaging cameras in battlefield environments. Credit: Ukrainska Pravda)


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