Anduril launching Anvil-M munition variant of interceptor platform

Anvil Industries is unveiling the Anvil-M, a new munition variant of its autonomous Anvil interceptor platform. The existing UAS effectively intercepts and defeats threats from Group 1 and 2 UAS by effectively ramming them, while the new Anvil-M can engage and defeat higher-end, faster moving Group 2 threats, using an added fire control system that arms and detonates its explosive payload.

Incorporating lessons learned in operational environments and feedback from recent combat operations, the Anvil-M is a ground-launched rotary-wing interceptor which, with an integrated launch box, provides mobile and easily-transported remote launch capabilities for the various roles of the  C-UAS missions, including positive identification as well as hard kill. The munition is launched at targets cued by Anduril’s AI-powered software command and control platform, Lattice, which provides for end-to-end C-UAS capability. The munition has been designed to keep pace with the rapidly evolving threat envelope, contributing to adaptable, layered defence.

The company has been selected by US Special Forces Command to lead its counter-drone efforts in a potential USD 1 billion contract, and is also tasked with enhancing the autonomy of its Ghost line of products under an existing US Air Force contract.

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(Image: Anvil-M deploys from Launch Box, a self-contained, ruggedised and easily-transported ground support system. Credit: Anvil Industries)

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