Mexican drug cartels “starting to use counter-UAS weapons” – C/O Futures

A report from C/O Futures, LLC, a small business located near to California’s Claremont Colleges consortium, reports that Mexican drug cartels have, it seems, started to field counter-UAS systems to protect their operations from government agencies using drones.

“The Mexican cartels have been utilizing weaponized drones since October 2017 with the Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) the leader in this area of illicit tactical innovation,” reports C/O Futures.  “As various cartels have been targeting each other with this weaponry the expectation exists that dedicated counter-drone capabilities, beyond small arms fires, would start to appear in their arsenals.

“While no proclamation from CJNG exists related to counter-unmanned aerial systems (CUAS) being possessed by that cartel, imagery is beginning to appear—from an indications & warning (I&W) perspective—that they are now being sporadically fielded. Such anti-drone gun imagery has now appeared in a video related to a Cárteles Unidos (CU)/Policía Comunitaria Tepalcatepec (PCT) weaponized drone attack against CJNG (posted in February 2023) and in a photograph related to the seizure of CJNG anti-fighting vehicle mines (IVAMs) near Apatzingán, Michoacán in June 2023.

“The (second) image appears to be a QR-07S3  Digital  Eagle Anti Drone  Gun available for USD20,000.00 per device for small orders and also directly from Digital Eagle the manufacturer via inquires.”

This news was first reported by Belgian defence analyst Tim de Zitter in a Linkedin post.

C/O Futures “provides specialized research and analytical consulting and training services that facilitate client knowledge solutions for addressing future socio-political and operational environment shaping and response.”

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