Italy set to send second air defence system to Ukraine

Reuters reports that Italy will send a second SAMP/T air defence system to Ukraine. The news agency cited a radio interview with Italian Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Antonio Tajani, where he confirmed earlier media reports regarding Italian support for Ukraine.

The SAMP/T, also known as MAMBA, is a Franco-Italian anti-missile system from Thales that is designed to protect the battlefield and sensitive tactical sites against airborne threats, including cruise missiles, crewed and uncrewed aircraft and tactical ballistic missiles in the 600 km range class. The system is capable of tracking and intercepting multiple targets simultaneously and can fire eight missiles in sequence.

The French Air Force currently owns seven MAMBA systems whilst the Italian Army owns three systems. A source told Reuters that the system destined for Ukraine is likely the one currently deployed in Kuwait and destined to return to Italy soon. No time frame has been given for delivery to Ukraine.

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Image: The SAMP/T system in operation (Thales Group)

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