Fire Rescue Victoria seeks industry partners for BVLOS trials

Fire Rescue Victoria announced at the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Summit today that it is looking for operators offering beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) capabilities.

The Australian Association for Uncrewed Systems, which organises the AAM Summit, said in a LinkedIn post that Fire Rescue Victoria had received funding through the National Partnership Agreement on Disaster Risk Reduction. The funding enables the launch of an uncrewed BVLOS trial and evaluation for emergency management use. 

Fire Rescue Victoria is keen to partner with industry to progress the challenges of BVLOS operations. The service intends to select and evaluate approximately six different remotely piloted systems that can operate BVLOS during emergencies and help tackle the complexities of airspace integration with crewed aircraft operating in the same airspace.

Trials are likely to commence in June 2024 and will run through to November 2025, with flight trials likely post 2024/2025 fire season. 

For more information

Australian Association for Uncrewed Systems

Fire Rescue Victoria

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