Israeli defence company selects Ondas Iron-Drone Raider C-UAS

Ondas Holdings has received an initial purchase order for its Iron-Drone Raider counter-uncrewed aircraft system (C-UAS) from an Israeli defence company. Ondas said that it anticipates that this initial order, which was placed following a testing and integration process, will be followed by additional orders.

The Iron-Drone Raider system uses on-board AI technologies to identify, locate, track and intercept hostile drones and can be integrated into a variety of drone detection systems. The Raider is combined with an automated docking station capable of addressing several hostile drone targets simultaneously. After each mission, the Raider returns to its original location and can be reused.

In early 2023, Ondas’ Airobotics acquired the assets of Iron Drone Ltd and launched the first new Iron-Drone Raider system by Airobotics. In August, the Israel Innovation Authority awarded a grant to support further development of the system and enhance its capabilities.

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