Anduril launches AI-enabled electromagnetic warfare systems

Anduril Industries has launched a family of modular, multi-mission-capable electromagnetic warfare (EW) systems that incorporate artificial intelligence to identify and defeat threats, including small and medium-size drones.

Featuring a software-defined radio and graphics processing unit, the new Pulsar system uses radio frequency machine learning to identify and adapt to emerging threats. The system supports a range of capabilities including electronic countermeasures, counter-uncrewed systems, electronic support, electronic attack, direction finding, geolocation, and other EW capabilities. Pulsar’s modular form factor can also be adapted and integrated onto ground vehicles (Pulsar-V) or aircraft (Pulsar-A).

Pulsar’s open architecture enables integration into common and joint EW and command-and-control systems. It also provides a software development kit that enables continuous development and integration with third-party providers.

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