HENSOLDT UK launches SPEXER 600 ground based surveillance radar

HENSOLDT UK has launched SPEXER 600 multi-mission, X-Band ground based surveillance radar equipped with SharpEye solid state transceiver technology. SPEXER 600 complements the SPEXER family of Active Electronically Scanned Array or AESA radars, offering a cost effective and crew portable field deployable solution.

According to a HENSOLDT press release, SPEXER 600 is designed to detect multiple threats in the modern battlefield or security environment. It offers a number of modes allowing multiple functions to be carried out by a single radar sensor. The built-in tracker reduces the need for additional electronic units, making it a lightweight, crew portable unit that can be set up in a few minutes. In fixed installations the low weight allows it to be installed without any specialist masts or structures.

Controlled either locally or remotely from a command centre, SPEXER 600 can be easily networked with other sensors.

“SPEXER 600 from HENSOLDT UK is the solution for today’s complex operational needs on the battlefield, or in securing the nations critical infrastructure against multiple threats” stated Adrian Pilbeam, Head of Sales – Ground and Maritime Surveillance Radar.

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