Hensoldt to exhibit new C-UAS air defence radar at Eurosatory

At Eurosatory, the international defence and security exhibition in Paris, HENSOLDT is showcasing its newly developed TRML-4D radar system for ground-based air defence for the first time. The 3D multifunctional radar ensures rapid response detection and tracking of approximately 1,500 targets in a radius of up to 250 km and at an altitude of up to 30 km.

TRML-4D uses the latest AESA radar technology (AESA = Active Electronically Scanned Array), which enables the acquisition of targets after just one rotation of the antenna, thus improving the response time and hit probability even in a complex environment with a high target density and involving highly agile and asymmetric threats. Thanks to the precise coordination of all the antenna elements in the C band (NATO G band) and special signal processing modes, the radar can provide extremely exact information on the targets. An integrated secondary radar system for identifying friend or foe (IFF) prevents friendly fire. The high performance of the radar is largely due to the great number of transmit / receive (T/R) modules in the antenna, which are made from special RF-capable materials.

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