French army tests counter drone capabilities in security exercise at Istres Air Base

The French Ground to Air Defense Squadron (EDSA) 01.950 “Crau” carried out a security exercise at Istres Air Base (BA) 125 “Charles Monier” with the aim detecting potential airborne threats and neutralising those that proved to be a risk.

EDSA “Crau” train regularly to provide force protection and deal with a broad spectrum of threats including drones. As drones can be used for intelligence purposes or malicious acts, the Air and Space Army (AAE) has taken measures in ensure it can counter this evolving threat. In this exercise, an anti-drone control response was quickly activated and successfully secured the area.

EDSA provides support to “protection bubbles” formed during sensitive manoeuvres related to the activity of the Strategic Air Forces (FAS) or the securing of major events such as July 14, the World Cup, etc in France or overseas. The high level of skills of its operators is due not only to the provision of suitable equipment, but also to regular participation in training and exercises of various kinds.

(Image: AAE)

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