Fortem Technologies ships DroneHunter F700 counter UAS system to US Defense agency

Fortem Technologies reports shipment of its latest DroneHunter F700 model to the US Department of Defense (DoD) following a contract award in February 2020 for counter Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) solutions. The DoD will be using the custom-designed DroneHunter F700, as well as Fortem’s SkyDome and TrueView technology, to help counter and deter improvised threat networks.

According to a press release issued by Fortem Technologies:

The F700 features a new flexible undercarriage, which offers interchangeable counter measures for single, multiple or swarm-based threats and its new lightweight carbon fibre frame, enabling greater athleticism and speed. The F700 can carry multiple types of anti-drone countermeasures and deploy them in real-time, based on the dynamic threat that is detected miles beyond the protected area. The undercarriage features pogo pins and payload snaps that are integrated with AI-enabled firing and flight software.

Fortem says the F700 offers significant payload capacity to handle situations over civilians where zero collateral damage is a requirement. AI decisions are made in real-time to select the appropriate effectors for the detected threat and complex algorithms for flying in urban areas are now supported. Heavier drones are tethered or parachuted with controlled descent into predetermined safe zones. The F700 is equipped with ground and airborne networked radar and corresponding optics giving our users total situational awareness and autonomous precision.

The F700 has gone through nearly 700 test runs to date and the company reports sales to international government agencies who have deployed the solution for international events.

“We have advanced the DroneHunter F700 so that it can deliver any ordinance necessary to stop drones and to protect stadiums, refineries, campuses and entire metro regions,” said Fortem Technologies CEO, Timothy Bean.

Fortem is developing several DroneHunter mitigation types including directed energy.

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