Fortem launches AI, API-friendly version of SkyDome and enhanced C-UAS drone

Fortem Technologies​ has announced today the launch of two new counter-UAS (C-UAS) products:  SkyDome v. 2.4, an AI-enabled, API friendly platform that allows approved drones to fly safely and rogue drones to be mitigated; and the latest development to it C-UAS drone hunter range – the F700 Patriot.

ThreatAware™ is Fortem’s AI analysis engine that assesses data from multiple sensors and sources in real-time, providing continuous threat levels for multiple objects in the environment. This tool identifies site-specific patterns-of-life and empowers security personnel to have total situational awareness, threat alerts, and to make informed integrated response decisions.

“The solution can be networked to cover any area and can track hundreds of objects simultaneously without causing disruption to day-to-day operations,” says the company. “With SkyDome v2.4 users can create zones, geo-cages and rules around existing infrastructures, landscapes, and environments, allowing for an optimized and customized solution that is foundational for any multi-layered security system. Objects in the airspace that pose a threat can be safely removed by Fortem DroneHunter,​™​ a security drone that can autonomously pursue and capture nefarious and problematic drones with a net gun, then tow them to the ground.”

SkyDome v2.4’s API allows for third-party systems and sensors to be cued from its data outputs. The APIs also allow it to integrate data from other sensors and sources.

In another new development the company has announced it is developing the F700 Patriot which aims to bring enhanced flight dynamics to the DroneHunter product line.

The F700 features will include:

  • Integrated, no-tangle, repackable parachute system for immediate and beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) safe flight
  • Flip-up built-in hood for quick access to internal electronic components, aiding rapid development and maintenance
  • Quick-swap battery pack that reduces time between flights and simplifies battery maintenance
  • Configurable battery box placement for optimal balance with multiple payload configurations
  • Advanced body shell seal for optimal protection in all kinds of weather
  • Easy-lock rotor arms and retractable landing gear for simplified shipping and storage
  • Fast out-of-the-box assembly and set up
  • Lightweight construction, optimal rotor and motors, and multi-battery pack choices make long, aggressive flight times possible

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