Florida airport installs dual-use bird and drone detecting radar

Northwest Florida Beaches has installed a dual function MERLIN™ Aircraft Birdstrike Avoidance Radar and DroneWatcher™ DSR detection and defence system. According to a press statement the airport is the first commercial airport in the world to install an integrated dual bird/drone detection radar system.

“The DroneWatcher DSR provides a third layer of drone detection and defence for the airport,” said the press release. “The DSR additionally functions as a bird radar providing real‐time bird‐ aircraft strike risk alerts to airport flight safety managers. Drone incursion alerts and birdstrike risk alerts are provided to airport users via custom, real-time web displays and through automated text messaging.”

Bird activity and drone situational data, incursion alerts and risk levels are delivered to airport users through custom, real‐time web displays and by automated text messaging.

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