FAA selects SkySafe for UAS Detection and Mitigation Testing and Evaluation Program

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has selected California-based SkySafe for its UAS Detection and Mitigation Test and Evaluation Program, which seeks to identify technologies and strategies capable of detecting and mitigating unauthorised UAS activities near airports and other critical infrastructure.

SkySafe’s solution “provides an accurate, holistic view of UAS activity, including real-time detection, analysis, historical flight forensics and reporting, and integration of the upcoming Remote ID standard,” said the company in a press statement. The company’s proprietary technology employs a combination of advanced sensors and cloud-based intelligence to detect and identify unauthorised UAS threats.

“As the drone industry continues to expand, so does the need for robust technologies that can identify and address potential threats to public safety,” said CEO Grant Jordan. The company’s technology is currently undergoing initial testing at Atlantic City International Airport.

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